Answering Services

Louisiana's Best 24-Hour Live Answering Service. We're Here To Answer Your Calls When You're Not Available.

Answering Service 24/7

If you own a business, hiring a professional 24-hour live answering service means you don’t have to be at your office all hours of the day and night.  A1 Professional is here for you to answer all your calls any time you’re not available.


If you are missing important calls after-hours, our 24-hour live answering service is the right solution for you. Our telephone secretaries are professional, experienced, and trained to answer the phone in the exact manner that your administrative staff would — any time of day or night.

HIPAA Compliant Answering

Running a medical practice leaves healthcare professionals with two choices when it comes to managing their telephone lines. The first is to keep things in-house, and the second is to outsource to a professional call center or answering service like us!

Appointment Scheduling

Even though it sounds simple, providing callers with an easy way to schedule an appointment 24/7 can be challenging. This type of service is especially helpful to businesses that are only open from Monday through Friday or have specific business hours. 

Urgent Dispatch

Emergencies happen when least expected, and when they do, you have to be prepared. Handling these types of calls is where our live dispatchers shine. Our urgent dispatch answering service will help you resolve many emergencies and deliver information accurately and quickly to your on-call emergency technician.