Appointment Scheduling

Reduce Lost Leads And Lower Your Payroll Costs With A1 Professional’s Appointment Scheduling Services.

Appointment Scheduling Service

Even though it sounds simple, providing callers with an easy way to schedule an appointment 24/7 can be challenging. This type of service is especially helpful to businesses that are only open from Monday through Friday or have specific business hours. Alternatively, this is an effective solution for professionals that work by appointment only.

With A1 Professional, you get uninterrupted telephone answering that is available 24/7 and managed by professionally certified telephone secretaries. We will ensure you never miss a call and give you peace of mind by answering each call politely and professionally.

Patient Scheduling Service

If your medical practice or company requires scheduling, our appointment scheduling call center is here for you. We can maximize your productivity and work as an extension of your business – scheduling appointments for you when you can’t.

Our 100% U.S.-based telephone secretaries are ready to assist medial practices and businesses in every industry. When callers need your time, we can schedule appointments and integrate them within your calendar software.

We can also help you with your workload by freeing up time for your in-house by scheduling interviews, appointments, training sessions, etc. If you are in sales, you can also rely on us for appointments that lead to closing each sale.

Let Us Manage Your Appointment Scheduling 

A1 Professional is one of the top-rated answering services in the U.S. Our telephone secretaries are highly skilled, experienced, and efficient with all types of appointment scheduling services. We ensure that you don’t get any double bookings or missed appointments.

The benefits of our live answering and appointment scheduling services are endless. We are here to manage multiple schedules, help you book, cancel, re-schedule appointments, send out confirmations, sync with your calendar options, and schedule your time based on your availability.

If you are interested in making the most out of every call and have your appointments directly booked in your calendar, you can rely on us for efficient 24/7 appointment scheduling.

Call today about our Appointment Scheduling Services. Mention our website and receive 30% off your set-up fee.

Mention Our Website and Receive 30% Off Your Set-Up Fee!

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A1 Professional is the perfect name for them because they are a huge help to our business to make us have a very professional presence to our potential and existing customers. Can't thank them enough for helping us!
Chris D.
The entire staff at A1 Professional Answering Service at Lafayette have been the MOST courteous, respectful and last, but not least, accurate in handling my company's business phones while I'm away from the phone for a short minute or after-hours. Exceptional company to have answering your phones!
Brenan B.