Why Business Owners Hire A1 Professional

Our Credentialed Telephone Secretaries Are Available To Answer Your Calls, Dispatch and Schedule Appointments Just For You.

Attorney Intake

Whether you’re in court or attending an important client meeting, missing calls means you’re potentially missing new cases. At A1 Professional, we offer professional legal and attorney intake answering services that gives you 24/7 telephone coverage.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering

A1 Professional is the one-stop destination for many healthcare organizations and medical professionals looking for reliable HIPAA compliant call answering services. We support the needs of our healthcare clients with professional patient support services where our telephone secretaries answer calls on behalf of any medical practice. 

Help Desk Support

Looking for a telephone answering solution that can support your help desk operations? At A1 Professional, we offer a variety of live answering services to accommodate your inbound call handling needs. We are here to answer your calls, free up time for you to focus on tasks, minimize hold times and improve customer satisfaction.

Oil and Gas

Are you in need of professional call center services for your oil or gas company? If so, you’re in the right place.  Oil and gas companies have increasing needs for support, especially when it comes to information management, planning, and ensuring that productivity is at its peak. 

Property Management

There are plenty of property management companies that need telephone answering support. A1 Professional is the perfect partner for answering emergency maintenance calls in the middle of the night or rental inquiries during the day and every call in between.

Trade Services

Businesses in the trade service industry are in constant need of telephone support. The inability to manage things in-house leaves them with missed calls, which often equals missed opportunities. A1 Professional is an affordable solution for trade services and small business telephone answering.