HIPAA Compliant Answering

Healthcare Answering Service — Fully HIPAA Compliant

Running a medical practice leaves healthcare professionals with two choices when it comes to managing their telephone lines. The first is to keep things in-house, and the second is to outsource to a professional call center or answering service. At A1 Professional, we pride ourselves on our HIPAA-compliant answering services that are essential for medical and healthcare practices.

Medical professionals and healthcare organizations have to comply with specific guidelines as outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA ensures that patient health information (PHI) is secure and protected on every level.

Healthcare Answering Service — 100% U.S. Based

As you probably know, the only way you can outsource your calls is with a medical answering service that is 100% HIPAA compliant. So, even before choosing a medical answering service, you should confirm that they are HIPAA compliant and dedicated to protecting sensitive patient health information (PHI).

In addition to that, the medical answering service you choose must have HIPAA-compliant protocols and specific HIPAA training in place to ensure compliance.

At A1 Professional, we are proud to work with physicians that receive emergency messages. Our telephony platform allows us to dispatch securely to cell phones with text notifications.

Medical Office Phone Answering — HIPAA Compliant

With A1 Professional, you can get 24/7 support and an answering service you can trust. In addition, we understand the needs and challenges that medical offices face, especially when it comes to patient calls.

We provide HIPAA-compliant telephone answering support for many medical practices nationwide and have done so since 1991. Our team understands the needs and challenges that the healthcare industry has in terms of ensuring HIPAA compliance.
We will evaluate your inbound call needs and create a plan that works for your practice or organization.

HIPAA Compliant Answering Service

Working with us means that you are working with an answering service that fully understands HIPAA and knows how to optimize call handling to ensure compliance.  Our HIPAA-compliant answering service ensures maximum patient confidentiality. All of our agents know that these calls are delicate and essential to healthcare professionals. In addition, we are available to answer phones for multiple physicians throughout various schedules.

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